We're a group of people from across the world making visual novels.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Hamadyne - Studio Director

A founding member of Somnova Studios, Hamadyne is excited to work on projects like Missing Stars and showcase our team's many talents.

Adam W - Writing Lead

Adam excels at seeing the bigger picture when it comes to writing, and brings that talent to our writing team.

Likhos - Art Lead

Since coming onto the team in 2017, Likhos has evolved into a stellar artist capable of rendering a wide range of emotions for our characters.

Astartus - Music Lead

Astartus has a knack for quality sound mixing, compostion, and adding thematic elements to all of our original music tracks.

Downix - Editing Lead

Originally an avid fan of our works, Downix joined the team and offered his analytical eye for polishing our writing and making our characters shine.

Merlyn LeRoy - Programming Lead

Merlyn gets the job done with stellar programming skills bolstered by his many years of experience.

Bodo - PR Lead

Bodo has made a name for himself with hilarious jokes, an excitable personality, and someone who loves to engage with our fans.

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