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DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut"

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Hello! Some of you may recognize me from the discord, but I am DackFayded, or Dack, or a plethora of other online personas, but that's my main one. Just like my thread over on the KS Renai, I'll be posting all my short stories here, as well as linking to anything more long form that I end up writing (did someone say Fran route?). Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated, whether through PM here, on Discord, or just leaving a reply down below!

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The Nice List

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Ugh. The last thing I really want to spend my Sunday doing is homework, but duty calls. Ms. Claes had already made a point of my less-than-stellar grades when I first arrived at St. Dymphna’s. I’d like to think I’ve been putting more than enough effort into overcoming my shortcomings the past few months, though.

I breathe a heavy sigh as I sit more upright, readying to force myself to get through yet another French worksheet when a light, rapid knock at my door steals my attention.

“Lapochka! It is me!”

The sing-songy, heavily-accented voice is unmistakable. Just hearing Natalya on the other side of my door brightens my mood a bit. She’s managed to have that effect on me more and more since Erntedankfest. It’s been incredible having Natalya at my side since then. I’ve seen so much more to her than the bubbly, energetic girl I met in early September.

She must not be listening to me as I rise from my chair and pad over to the door, as another set of hurried knocks are just starting up as I open the door. A look of surprise takes over Natalya’s face as the door opens in the middle of their knocking. Their expression quickly fades to happiness as they see me

“Hello Erik!”

Before I even have a chance to greet her back she’s already pushed forward and wrapped her arms around me, a tight embrace that I’m quick to return. She pulls away only enough to plant her chin into my chest and look up at me, her emerald eyes shining as brightly as ever.

“I missed you.”

I chuckle, brushing a strand of hair from her face and turning to bring her inside my room. She’s come by to visit often enough now, patterns begin to emerge. Natalya breaks away from me and skips towards my bed before flopping down on the edge.

“It’s only been a few hours. Not that I don’t appreciate being missed.”

“I know!” Natalya’s smile drops, looking down at her hands. “I just... I used to get so lonely when Sonechka and Miss Fran weren’t around.” All at once, her smile returns as she looks back up at me. “But I have you now, lapochka! I have someone for when I feel lonely now!”

It’s these fleeting moments of clarity that Natalya has that show me so much abut her. I know most of her story now, but it still breaks my heart every time I see her beautiful smile falter. The door swings shut as I bring my desk chair in front of her, taking her hands as I sit. Her smile shrinks, but isn’t any less happy. It’s soft and tender instead of bright and beaming.

“I am ever so thankful for you, Erik. You are so sweet to me.” Her hands grasp mine, and she gives a sharp but gentle tug. A familiar request. We shift, me settling against the headboard while she makes herself comfortable in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and nuzzling into my neck.

The first time, it was a bit of an awkward position, but I very quickly became comfortable with it after Natalya told me just how much she enjoyed it. She’s had an appetite for affection since practically day one, something I’ve been more than happy to indulge her in. I always enjoy her proximity, feeling her comforting warmth against me is incredibly soothing no matter how stressed I feel.

“I don’t want to go home tomorrow, Erik.” Natalya speaks up, pulling away only to rest her forehead against mine. “Of course I miss Mamachka and Papachka, and it will be Christmas and Sonechka and me’s birthday...”

“They haven’t seen you in a while, Natalya. Of course, they would want you to come for the holiday weekend. Not to mention your birthday.”

“I know, Erik.” She leans back a bit farther, smiling brightly at me. “I really do miss Mamachka and Papachka. Uncle Fyodor and my cousins will be there too!” Slowly, her smile fades, and she rests her hands on my chest, looking sullen. “I don’t know why they say you cannot come...” A reply begins to formulate on my lips, but Natalya continues before I have a chance to speak.

“Sonechka tell me that Mammachka and Papachka want us to come home for weekend, and I say to her ‘Of course Sonechka, I miss Mamachka and Papachka so much! Erik will come with us, da?’ And Sonechka look at me all funny, and she say ‘Now Natasha, Papachka said that he cannot come.’ And I say why ‘Why Sonechnka? Why would Papachka say Erik cannot come?’ And she would not tell me, Erik!”

She pats against my chest throughout, as if to put emphasis on each word, each different quote making her more incensed than the last.

“You...wanted me to come with you? To... Russia?”

Natalya stares at me for a moment before cocking her head in slight confusion. “Of course, Erik. Why would I not? You make me happy, so of course I want to spend Christmas with you.” She leans forward, once more wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing our foreheads together. “Zvezda moya.”

I smile widely at that, despite not knowing what it is. She has a habit of using pet names, but only in Russian. Judging from how red she turns every time she uses one, I presume some measure of embarrassment.

I don’t mind, as it’s absolutely adorable.

“What’s that one mean?”

“My star.”

Her green eyes gaze into mine for a few moments before sliding closed. She turns her head and leans forward, and I mimic her and close the gap. I feel Natalya sharply inhale as we kiss, the tension in her body melting away a second later as she exhales. Over time, our kisses become less and less innocent, turning almost hungry and desperate before Natalya pulls away. Her face is bright red and her breath is heavy, though from her expression, I can’t tell if she’s excited or nervous.

“Erik…” She whispers, leaning in to my ear once more. “I can’t be with you for Christmas, so we have Christmas today!”

Her hands slowly trail along my back and shoulders as she pulls away, her hands shaking slightly and a look of concentration on her face. Confusion washes over me, quickly replaced with realization as she undoes the top button of her shirt.

“Nat, what are you doing?” It comes out a lot more apprehensive than I mean it to. While the prospect is certainly something I’m nervous about, but it’s also not something I have any sort of aversion to.

Natalya, for her part, just looks at me confusedly, head cocked slightly to one side. “What you mean, what am I doing? I am unwrapping your Christmas present, just like Sonehcka tell me to.”

I make a mental note to thank Sofiya for her ceaseless understanding and support of her sister and I’s relationship as Natalya slowly continues down her blouse. Her face is as red as the uniform jackets slumped in the corner, and she’s avoiding looking me in the eye, instead intently focused on her trembling fingers.

“Natalya…” I start, reaching out to take her hands. She grabs them and pushes my hands away to my chest, still looking downwards.

“Do...do not stop me, Erik. I am...nervous, da, but I want this.”

Natalya takes a moment to take a deep breath before leaning in and kissing me again. Her lips are soft against mine, the warmth of her body almost feeling too hot against me. She guides my hands to her blouse before running down my arms and to my shoulders, eventually coming to my chest

Her hands are steadier, though still trembling slightly as she begins to undo my shirt; it feels more like excitement now. Natalya never breaks our kiss as we work each other’s shirts off our bodies, only finally pulling away when the last button of my shirt comes free.

“Erik…” She whines, shrugging out of her blouse, letting it drop on the bed behind her. At this point, my body takes over where my mind has finally failed me. I close the gap between us and wrap my arms around her, pulling her in for another kiss. Natalya makes a squeaking noise before almost melting into me, smiling widely against my lips and guiding me to fully lay down.

Natalya scoots down to straddle my legs, her hands trailing down my chest to my waist. After a few moments of her fumbling, my pants and zipper finally come free. She makes short work of removing them, leaving me trapped in my boxers. Finally, looks up at me as her fingers curl into them, excitement dancing in her eyes.

Without giving herself a chance to hesitate, she pulls my boxers down in one quick motion. I reach blindly towards my nightstand, eventually managing to get the drawer open and pull out a foil square. Natalya snatches it from me and tears into it, her flush expression having receded to just a dusting across her cheeks and nose.

It takes Natalya a few moments to properly work out which end is which, but before long she slowly rolls the object over my length and shifts forward, her skirt covering both of usI can feel her rub against me as she settles into my lap, quickly becoming apparent that there’s nothing else beneath her skirt. She certainly came prepared.

“Are you...ready, Erik?”

The only response I can give her is to caress her cheek with my hand. She leans into my touch, a happy sigh and a smile my reward. Natalya lifts herself and presses my tip against her entrance. After a moment of resistance as she lowers herself, I feel her heat and warmth surround me. She gives a small, pained noise before moaning as she slides the rest of the way down.

“Bozhe moy, eto khorosho.” She mumbles to herself, a shaky laugh escaping her lips before she begins to lift herself. Natalya doesn’t move far before sinking back down, bringing our hips together once more and quickly settling into a rhythm. Her movements are clumsy and sometimes a bit shaky, but the noises she makes assuages any worries as to whether or not she’s enjoying herself.

Natalya’s mouth hangs open slightly, lips drawn up in a wide, vacant smile. Her eyes are locked on my face, though half-lidded and only partially focused on me. Reaching out, I pull her down towards me and kiss her, her mouth parting further and giving a pleased moan as our tongues intertwine.

Her steady rhythm steadily devolves into less and less controlled motions. She grinds me in jerky movements. I can’t say I’m not in a similar position. I can’t form a thought any more coherent than ‘Yes, more.’ My body feels hot, especially so as tingling waves of pleasure radiate throughout my body.

Natalya’s lips break from mine, and she buries her head into my neck as control slowly shifts to me. My hips buck on their own in response to Natalya’s movements, and she relinquishes the lead to me. “Ya lyublyu tebya, Erik. P-Pozhaluysta, ne ostan-ah~-avilvaysya.” The meaning of her words are utterly lost on me, but even in my lust-fueled haze the pleading excitement in her voice is more than enough to break through.

The unconscious, unpracticed bucking of my hips is more than enough to satisfy Natalya at least. Her fingers grip my shoulders, slowly squeezing harder and harder, her breathing coming through faster and more labored until she gives a high-pitched squeal into my neck.

Her walls clamp down tight around me and squeeze me far more intensely than she has so far. She babbles and sputters, trying to form words while her lower half spasms atop me. The extra pressure is enough to send me over the edge as well. My mind blanks white as bliss overtakes me. As it fades, lethargy takes over. It’s only now that I’m aware of how much I’ve exerted myself, and my body seems acutely aware of it based on how heavy my arms and legs feel now.

For her part, Natalya slides off of and curls up next to me, a wide, tired smile on her face. She lays her head on my chest and gives a content sigh, gently caressing my skin with her fingers. “Sonechka said it might not be so good but that no one’s was. I am happy that Sonechka was wrong this time.”

That draws a laugh from my lips, even as my eyes begin to grow as heavy as my limbs feel. Natalya places a gentle kiss on my jaw before nuzzling in next to me. I carefully dispose of the protection before cuddling in next to her and letting sleep take me as well.

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