Somnova Studios Team Members

Our team hails from all corners of the world, from the United States to the Philippines. Read more below!

Hamadyne - Studio Director

A founding member of Somnova Studios, Hamadyne is excited to work on projects like Missing Stars and showcase our team's many talents.

Adam W - Writing Lead

Adam excels at seeing the bigger picture when it comes to writing, and brings that talent to our writing team.

Likhos - Art Lead

Since coming onto the team in 2017, Likhos has evolved into a stellar artist capable of rendering a wide range of emotions for our characters.

Astartus - Music Lead

Astartus has a knack for quality sound mixing, compostion, and adding thematic elements to all of our original music tracks.

Downix - Editing Lead

Originally an avid fan of our works, Downix joined the team and offered his analytical eye for polishing our writing and making our characters shine.

Merlyn LeRoy - Programming Lead

Merlyn gets the job done with stellar programming skills bolstered by his many years of experience.

FieryFlare - PR

FieryFlare has made a name for themselves with hilarious jokes, an excitable personality, and someone who loves to engage with our fans.

Aaron - Artist

Aaron has provided incredible photographs for our visual novels, and he always has a means of capturing the perfect angle.

Duck - Programmer

Duck has helped our programming team in terms of getting things organized. Plus hey, he's a duck.

Fia - Medical Expert

Fia's formal education in psychiatric care has given us important resources to create believable characters for Missing Stars.

Callie - Artist

Callie has provided incredible artwork for the team and is super excited to add cuteness wherever she goes.

Horroar - Programmer

Working alongside Steve, Horroar helps with keeping our character dialogue typo-free.

Swampie - QA

Swampie catches things before we even realize they're problems, making him great as a QA guy.

Jamie D - Musician

Jamie has a lot of fun making original pieces for our games, and it's always a treat to listen to something new from her.

shuuko - Artist

shuuko's art style is cute and expressive, perfect for capturing a heartfelt moment in our CGs.

messiessie - Writer

messiessie's writing output is immense, able to provide incredible detail to their Missing Stars character, Katja, at a moment's notice.

Steve - Programmer/Writer

Steve brings his British wit and good humor to our meetings and our programming team.

Morthiasik - Artist

With his precise eye for detail, Morthiasik has worked hard providing a style guide for our sprites, CGs, and backgrounds.

Wolf - Editor

Hailing from our sister studio, Watercress, Wolf shares his valuable experince making visual novels to our team.

Merri - Artist

Merri has a lot of talent in terms of coloring and adding details that make our CGs vibrantly alive.

Kuroe - Writer/Artist

Blessed with two awesome talents, Kuroe writes and makes adorable drawings for our characters.